On my daughters 20th Birthday —————————————————

Have you ever heard the saying, “smile and the whole will smile back at you”? Then why are we not smiling enough?
Pain like happiness is also contagious! Hate like happiness is also contagious. Sadness is also contagious. If we look around us, what is the most prevalent emotion that is circulating around? Are you surrounded by positive people who care for your well-being? Where do you spend  most of your time? In 24 hrs, let’s say 8 hrs is spent at work – now if you are in an unfulfilling job and in a toxic environment, that’s what you are putting yourself and your whole energy in. Then you come home, if you have a negative partner, then that’s what you are exposing yourself again. Then you relax , if you eat bad food, drink alcohol and smoke, imagine what else you are putting in. Then you go into social media and get into paranoia frenzy of disease, fake news, political attack, rumours and gossip, then that’s another input or if you watch news and hear story about war, fires, droughts, catastrophe and economic doom and gloom, that’s what we are taking in and that’s exactly what you will be taking out. 
Because emotions are contagious, your decisions effect others around you and you will be a walking talking carrier of contagious sickness derived from a negative toxic environment and choices you have made. 
Have you ever been to a funeral and see how everyone can switch to sadness just be cause everyone is sad and crying and then everyone laughs when one person cracks a joke and infect everyone with joy? 
Yes we are all responsible for the outcomes we are experiencing and if we are not careful, we might suffer or live a less productive life. 
Here are 10 steps to living a joyful life filled with happiness and be infectious to be that to others too. 

  1. SMILE: Always smile. Smile even if you don’t feel like it! Smile big and wide and as you feel the joy creeping in, open your mouth and smile bigger. It’s an instant happy mood booster.
  2. LOOK OUTSIDE: If you are inside a room, change your gaze. Go out and look outside, look up at the sky, watch the clouds, the blue sky and anything that is beautiful and natural. Trees, flowers, sky, ocean, mountains or anything that is pleasing. This does not include looking at a pic of your child or baby or mom coz that can sometimes invoke feelings of sadness and longing too. 
  3. LISTEN TO MUSIC: Anything that makes you smile and happy and makes your body want to move. Feeling free to move and sway to the rhythm of the music.
  4. DO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Just go out and help someone. Say something nice, give compliments and just make another person feel loved and appreciated. Everyone loves being acknowledged. Make them feel important and needed. Give that away. 
  5. VOLUNTEERING: Volunteer in community events! This is a fireproof tested way of feeling happy and rewarded. I have met so many people doing voluntary work and their joy is so contagious it’s inspiring! Not to mention how healthy they look. Selfless people just glow with light! 
  6. BE IN NATURE: I tell this to my daughter all the time! When it gets too overwhelming and you feel like you just want to kill someone or oozing with frustration, hug a tree, or go to the ocean and dip your feet in it or take off your shoes and ground your feet on earth! Always work. Do this with a sigh of release and drop off all the heaviness and after a few minutes, you will feel so awesome you ll end up kissing the tree or jump in the water or even eat the dirt! True story.
  7. BE GRATEFUL: Maintain the habit of being in an attitude of gratitude! Say thank you and have a note book that you write every night with all the things you are happy and grateful for. It might start slow but you will find as you become a really happy person, you will stop complaining and just be grateful to life and all it’s challenges. Never forget that waking up to another day is a reason to be grateful every morning. 
  8. MEDITATE: Engage in holistic exercises like yoga and meditation. Sometimes step away from heavy cardio type exercises and just go slow and practice in a restorative way that makes you feel your  body and love yourself and feeling everything that is going on inside you. Just stopping to feel you and listen to you can be the most expensive gift you can give yourself. Coz then you hear your own solutions and you will be infecting others with  possibilities. 
  9. KEEP POSITIVE COMPANY: Have good positive friends. Friends who encourage you and hold you to high standards. Friends who add value and whom you can trust. This is hard but even if you have one good best friend who is not reliant on you and is independent in thought and you feel refreshed when you have been with this person, it is a good sign that you have good company! Do not hesitate to walk away from anything that depresses you coz you will be part of the problems in the world and that’s irresponsible.
  10. LIVE EVERYDAY AS IF ITS YOUR LAST: Finally, remember that we are all going to die and we will die alone! All the worries, the job, the partner, the children, the car, the money are all not going to come with you. This remembrance puts everything into perspective and will motivate you to do numbers 1-9 diligently. It will make you remember that the only worthwhile pursuit in life is the pursuit of happiness. 

I hope this has inspired you to be the carrier of happiness and you making a decision every day, every hour, every minute to spread joy and happiness and put a smile in someone’s face just because you can. Happiness is contagious. 

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